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Temporary Technician/Paraprofessional

DU00009 81080:ENTOMOLOGY 07/01/2020
General lab duties. View Details Bookmark

Post Doctoral Scholar

DU00017 81080:ENTOMOLOGY 07/01/2020
Details of position to be discussed with the sponsoring faculty member. View Details Bookmark

Temporary Tech/Paraprofessional

Help coordinate and administer surveys to groups through Mechanical Turk. View Details Bookmark

UK STAR Fellowship/Trainee


Postdoctoral Scholar (Marsac Lab)

The Marsac Laboratory at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY is seeking a candidate with experience in computational fluid dynamics / finite element analysis, solid state sciences / materials science. The position will focus on the development of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients as solid oral dosage forms. High resolution imaging approaches will be leveraged to charact… View Details Bookmark

Temporary Research Assistant

The Research Data Analyst will be organizing, analyzing, and interpreting a wide variety of research data. The data will include clinical and demographic data from study cohorts in cancer-related research. The data will also include DNA sequencing (exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing), gene expression data (Microarray and RNA-Seq), proteomics, metabolomics etc. The function will also inc… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Scholar (Marsac Lab)

The Marsac Laboratory at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY is seeking a candidate with experience in extended release formulation development. The work will include the use of novel dissolution approaches and development of associated models to appropriately discriminate between formulations of interest. The formulations will be developed by the candidate in collaboration with Profe… View Details Bookmark

Visiting Scholar-7H051 YZ

Laboratory research on the molecular mechanisms of platelet activation. View Details Bookmark

Post-Doctoral Scholar in Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry

FE01253 7H180:Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry 02/18/2018
The department of Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry is currently searching for a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Kentucky ( The successful candidate will will lead projects examining the role of novel Ras family GTPase signaling cascades involved in neurodegeneration following TBI. Our research team uses an integrative approach that includes molec… View Details Bookmark

Post Doctoral Scholar in Down’s Syndrome Research

FE01254 7H030:SANDERS-BROWN CTR ON AGING 12/23/2017
The University of Kentucky is currently seeking a postdoctoral scholar position in the Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, an established research center in aging and dementia where independent basic and clinical scientists work in a collaborative environment. The successful candidate will benefit from experienced mentors, a stimulating and collaborative research environment and organized train… View Details Bookmark

Post Doctoral Scholar in Alzheimer’s Research

FE01255 7H030:SANDERS-BROWN CTR ON AGING 01/22/2018
The Hartz Laboratory at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY is seeking a qualified candidate for a postdoctoral position for an NIH-funded project (2R01AG039621) entitled “Restoring Blood-Brain Function to Improve Cognition in Alzheimer’s Disease”. This project is focused on modulating blood-brain barrier function in Alzheimer’s disease and includes work with unique transgenic AD mou… View Details Bookmark

Clinical Research Monitor

The Markey Cancer Center is currently seeking a Clinical Research Monitor to perform activities to support central operations of networks conducting multicenter studies in the treatment, prevention, and early detection of cancers. Position duties are specific to clinical research study monitoring, clinical research team and program audits, research training and education specialist, clinica… View Details Bookmark

Research Analyst

RE12127 81060:PLANT AND SOIL SCIENCES 11/26/2017
We seek a research analyst to conduct research trials in a grain crops ecophysiology program. The primary duties are setting up and managing field and greenhouse experiments, which requires operation of farm equipment, the ability/enthusiasm to learn new techniques, and organization and planning skills. The candidate will be responsible for maintenance of field and laboratory equipment in excel… View Details Bookmark

Data Management Specialist

The Cancer Center-Core Support seeks a Data Management Specialist. This position of performs clinical project data management for the multicenter trial portfolio led by Markey Cancer Center investigators and conducted in collaboration with partner institutions of the Markey Cancer Center Research Network and Kentucky Clinical Trials Network. Will serve to expand Investigator-Initiated (I… View Details Bookmark

Research Associate Clinical I

RE12358 7H024:MCC - CLINICAL RESEARCH ORG 11/26/2017
The MCC-Clinical Research Organization seeks a Research Associate Clinical I. The primary responsibilities for this position include: obtain, abstract and collate data, reports, etc. related to studies; maintain and submit all reports, forms and updated records to groups required by the study. Will assist in designing a system for organizing, planning and controlling workflow related to… View Details Bookmark

Scientist I

RE12392 7H016:SPINAL CORD & BRAIN INJURY RES 11/23/2017
This position involves performing surgeries and traumatic brain and spinal cord injury research on live animals (mice and rats) followed by behavioral, histological and neurochemical analyses at various time points. Study the effects of novel pharmacological compounds for their ability to protect the injured brain or spinal cord tissue and improve cognitive and motor recovery. T… View Details Bookmark

Research Associate Clinical I

RE12396 7H024:MCC - CLINICAL RESEARCH ORG 11/23/2017
The MCC-Clinical Research Organization seeks a Research Associate Clinical I. This position is vital to the success and organization of the works with the MCC-Clinical Research Organization study team (CRAs, CRNs, Nurse Manager and Principal Investigators) who focus on Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant. Will enter and manage clinical and demographic data for clinical trials. Abstracte… View Details Bookmark

Peer Support Specialist

RE12399 7H090:CENTER ON DRUG & ALCOHOL RESEA 12/03/2017
The center for Drug and Alcohol Research seeks a Peer Support Specialist. Under the direction of clinical staff the Peer Support will initiate contact with identified patients in the emergency room, hospital and other healthcare clinics who meet criteria for substance use disorders. Need to demonstrate understanding of peers’ experiences and feelings. Relate their own recovery stories, and w… View Details Bookmark

Nurse Clinical Research I

RE12437 7H024:MCC - CLINICAL RESEARCH ORG 11/27/2017
The Clinical Research Nurse accepts research responsibility with guidance from the Principal Investigator(s) and the Director of Clinical Research Operations. The Clinical Research Nurse will work in conjunction with a CRA and both will be in charge of data management and other clinical research tasks. The Clinical Research Nurse will be responsible for undertaking under the direction of the PI… View Details Bookmark

Administrative Research Assistant Pr

The person in this position will be responsible for assisting with grant application development and submission, data collection and management, center promotion, communications with CDC regarding center activities and research tools, and evaluation activities (creating and submitting required project reports). Please include with your application a detailed resume and, under Specific Reques… View Details Bookmark

Scientist I

A Scientist I position is available at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of novel tumor suppressors that play important roles in cancer progression and metastasis. The project involves the characterization of signal transduction pathways governing the phosphatase activity and investigation of the tumor suppressor func… View Details Bookmark

Scientist I

The Brainson Lab, located in the Toxicology and Cancer Biology Department, is a dynamic research environment focused on studies of stem cells, epigenetics and lung cancer. The goal of our laboratory is to design and develop targeted/precision medicine therapies for lung cancer patients. We are seeking individuals with PhD training in genetics, molecular biology or biochemistry. Applic… View Details Bookmark

MCCRN Regulatory Coordinator

The Markey Cancer Center is recruiting a MCCRN Regulatory Coordinator who will perform activities to support central operations of a network conducting multicenter studies. Position duties are specific to overall site, study and program regulatory coordination, data and regulatory compliance; including, serving as a resource to investigative teams, regulatory document management, regulator… View Details Bookmark

Instructional Laboratory Coordinator

RE12477 8E030:Chemistry 11/26/2017
The Department of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences seeks an Instructional Lab Coordinator to support the Organic teaching labs. Responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing solutions and experiments; maintaining orderliness and cleanliness of the teaching labs; maintaining instrumentation including IRs, CGs, hot plates, melting point machines, balances, dishwasher, etc… View Details Bookmark

Instructional Lab Coordinator Senior

RE12478 8E030:Chemistry 11/26/2017
The Department of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences seeks an Instructional Lab Coordinator Senior to manage and support the teaching lab program. Responsibilities include but are not limited to ensuring that teaching laboratories in the Chemistry Department meet the needs of the instructors and students involved with these courses; coordinating with department administration and ins… View Details Bookmark

Scientist II

RE12485 7H750:PHYSIOLOGY 11/26/2017
The department of Physiology seeks a Scientist II. Need experienced, high level, and extremely knowledgeable scientist to investigate respiratory distress associated with lung injury and specifically ventilator-induced lung injury and pneumonia. Highly technical procedures and techniques involving molecular biology, physiology and genomics of mouse physiology will be necessary to comple… View Details Bookmark

Scientist II

The Saha Cardiovascular Research Center has an opening for a senior level experienced Scientist II. The high level individual appointed to this position will be engaged in translation research to help understand the aortic aneurysm diseases and pathology. The position will be necessary to assist with high level planning and implementation of investigative activities to oversee the experi… View Details Bookmark

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center Dir

The University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is a world-class research environment seeking a NMR Center Director. The Director will be responsible for the operation and routine maintenance of several NMR instrumentations (e.g., instrument fills, monitoring, operating, and calibrating instruments) as well as the recruitment, training, and application support of core clients. The director will … View Details Bookmark

Scientist I

RE12501 81060:PLANT AND SOIL SCIENCES 11/30/2017
This position is located in Mayfield, Ky. The department of Plant and Soil Sciences in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment seeks a Water Quality Technician. The Water Quality Technician position is an exciting full-time, field position. The successful candidate will perform field and office tasks under the direction of a Kentucky Geological Survey hydrogeologist and will be station… View Details Bookmark

Research Assistant

RE12503 7H150:BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 12/03/2017
The department of Behavioral Science seeks a Research Assistant. The primary responsibilities include protocol implementation, participant recruitment, presentation/publication support and research coordination. Protocol implementation duties include: Ensuring consent form is received with every returned survey. Reviewing returned surveys for completeness. Data entry into REDCap. Pa… View Details Bookmark