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Research Program Manager

RE11454 7H042: Center for Health Services Research 08/30/2017
The Center for Health Services Research is seeking a Research Program Manager to work with Center leadership and faculty on project design, implementation, evaluation methodology, policies and protocols. Will coordinate the development of new initiatives that are consistent with program objectives. Assist with IRB application and continuation review. Coordinate and oversee activities of m… View Details Bookmark

Program Coordinator I

RE11429 7H042: Center for Health Services Research 08/29/2017
The Project Coordinator will assist in Phase 2 hospital patient/ caregiver recruitement and data collection. The coordinator will work with hospitals and the research team, and ensure that hospitals submit the list of eligible patients list to Westat through the planned HIPAA-secured mechanism. The coordinator will also monitor the other 38 hospitals’ project activities, and work closely with … View Details Bookmark

Research Project Manager

RE10960 40613:REACH 08/21/2017
The Project Manager for the Community Engagement/Appalachian Translational Research Network (CE/ATRN) and for the Trial Innovation Network (TIN) in the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) will direct initiatives under these two cores focused on community outreach and engagement, with the goal of increasing participation in research activities among community members across Kent… View Details Bookmark

Project Manager II

RE11407 7H150:BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE 08/21/2017
The department of Behavioral Science is seeking a Project Manager II. This high level position requires a research background, plus an ability to work with local community members, hire and train staff, and engage with scientists at UK. The position involves implementation of a complex intervention in Eastern Kentucky. View Details Bookmark

Research Associate/COM

RE11403 7H042: Center for Health Services Research 08/21/2017
The Center for Health Services Research is seeking a Research Associate. Under the guide from CHSR faculty, will conduct research activities in applied economics by the use of economic theories and statistical analysis tools. This position will work with faculty and research team on proposal development. Develop program objectives, strategies and study methods on healthcare using advance… View Details Bookmark

Scientist I

The Markey Cancer Center is in search of a Scientist I who will be responsible for executing most of the experiments to examine the intracellular trafficking of Smoothened in Hh signaling, which is mediated by the novel factor, Shrb. Will also be responsible for the experiments to Smo regulation by PIP. In addition, to performing the experiments to address the in vivo function of Neurot… View Details Bookmark

Research Analyst Principal

The Cardiovascular Research Center is seeking a Research Analyst Principal. The position is essential to the translational aneurysm laboratory research support of Dr. Alan Daugherty to conduct research projects. The position will need to plan, develop, carry-out, and resolve technical research procedures in a wet research lab environment affiliated with many faculty, staff, and students. … View Details Bookmark

Laboratory Technician

RE11381 7H700:Molecular & Biomedical Pharmacology 08/25/2017
The department of Molecular and Biomedical Pharmacology is seeking a Laboratory Technician to be responsible for small animal colony management, requiring detailed record keeping, blood and tissue collection and other technical skills related to animal husbandry. Will also perform laboratory experiments including primary cell isolation and culture, Western blots, immunoprecipitation, prote… View Details Bookmark

Research Associate Clinical I

The Markey Cancer Center (MCC) department of Core Support is seeking a Research Associate Clinical I (CRA I) to work with the MCC Early Therapeutics study team (CRAs, CRNs, Nurse Manager and Principal Investigators). Will enter and manage clinical and demographic data for all levels (Phase I-II) clinical trials. Abstracted data includes information necessary for use by the study sponsor to d… View Details Bookmark

IS Technical Support Specialist III

RE11371 7H026: Center for Environmental and Systems Biochemistry 08/20/2017
The Center for Environmental and Systems Biochemistry (CESB) seeks an individual to support metabolomics data analysis and analytical instrument computer maintenance needs. Will working with >70 research labs around the globe. The metabolic data produced by the CESB is over 1 million assays/year, of which over 80% must be manually curated and tracked individually, and constitutes over 20 T… View Details Bookmark

Research Associate

RE11365 7P170:DEPT OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 09/07/2017
The Research Associate will be responsible for working closely with the PI to develop scientific research projects in the area of cancer. They will also be involved in coordinating day-to-day management and administration of research studies, including team communications, financial management, protocol and questionnaire development, progress reports, and coordination with subcontract project s… View Details Bookmark

Post Doctoral Scholar - Rural and Underserved Health Research Center

The Rural & Underserved Health Research Center (RUHRC, at the University of Kentucky is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar. This is a full-time position funded by the RUHRC’s award from the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. The successful candidate will hold a PhD in epidemiology, biostatistics, educational statistics, publi… View Details Bookmark

Animal Technician Assistant

DU03317 7H016:SPINAL CORD & BRAIN INJURY RES 08/22/2017
The Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center is seeking a motivated individual who will assist us with husbandry of the world’s largest collection of Ambystoma mexicanum. The primary job responsibility will be to perform husbandry duties in the care of this aquatic scecies. Other responsibilities will include pairing of animals, collection of embryos. View Details Bookmark

Professional Associate II

RE11317 40148:Office of Research Integrity 08/21/2017
The University of Kentucky believes that the ethical and humane use of animals for research, teaching and testing is essential for the advancement of science and the discovery of treatments and cures for diseases in humans and animals alike. This position provides administrative support to the Attending Veterinarian, Associate Director OAV, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) … View Details Bookmark

Agriculture Research Specialist

RE11259 81090:FORESTRY 08/31/2017
The Forest Health Research and Education Center (FHC) at the University of Kentucky, in partnership with the Kentucky Division of Forestry (KDF), is seeking a tree improvement technician to assist with building a hardwood tree improvement program. This person will assist with the implementation plans developed by KDF and FHC researchers to identify and develop necessary breeding program infrast… View Details Bookmark


This position has broad-ranging responsibilities working with faculty from all relevant disciplines to assure appropriate experimental design and analysis for broadly based cancer related clinical, basic science, and cancer prevention/control studies. Required documents to apply: fully completed application, CV and as Specific Request 1 – a Writing Sample. View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Scientist—Airborne LiDAR and Digital Terrain Analysis

FE01087 40520:KY Geological Survey 08/31/2017
The Kentucky Geological Survey has an opening for an innovative postdoctoral researcher with experience in the use of high resolution digital topographic data to support geologic research. The position will work primarily on applications of airborne LiDAR and related data to help solve scientific research problems related to quadrangle scale surficial geologic mapping, geomorphologic change … View Details Bookmark

University Research Postdoctoral Fellowship

FE01065 40100:VP of Research 11/01/2017
Funds are available through the Office of the Vice President for Research for postdoctoral fellowships that support the University of Kentucky’s compelling interest in diversity. The University Research Postdoctoral Fellowship is open to all qualified individuals with consideration given to women interested in pursuing a program of advanced research training in fields in which they are underrep… View Details Bookmark

Lyman T. Johnson Postdoctoral Fellowship

FE01066 40100:VP of Research 11/01/2017
In an effort to contribute to the mission of enhancing diversity, the University of Kentucky established the Lyman T. Johnson Postdoctoral Fellowships to support postdoctoral fellows in graduate and professional areas. The fellowships are named in honor of UK’s first African-American graduate student, Lyman T. Johnson. Application deadline is November 1, 2017. Fellowship recipients pursue… View Details Bookmark

Temporary Tech/Paraprofessional

Help coordinate and administer surveys to groups through Mechanical Turk. View Details Bookmark

Post-Doctoral Scholar - Landscape Architecture

DU03182 81150:Landscape Architecture 09/01/2017
The Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Kentucky invites applications for a post-doctoral scholar position. Initial appointment is for 12-months that is renewable. We seek a colleague with a background and a desire to advance landscape architectural scholarship through the peer-reviewed publishing process. The successful candidate will provide editorial assistance to the e… View Details Bookmark

Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, Regular Title Series

The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center invites applications from outstanding candidates at the level of Assistant, Associate or Full Professor. Faculty with expertise in the following areas are of specific interest: cancer microenvironment, cancer genomics, epigenetic regulation, oxidative stress, mitochondria and cancer metabolism, DNA repair, and signal transduction. The successful … View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Scholar (EG-7H180)

DU03126 7H180:Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
This position focuses on biophysical/biochemical analysis of signaling complexes. The successful candidate will carry out an independent project on the mechanisms of cellular signaling in organismal development and congenital disease. Preference will be given to applicant with a strong background in molecular biology, protein purification, and protein crystallization; experience in other biophy… View Details Bookmark

Temporary Research Assistant

The Research Data Analyst will be organizing, analyzing, and interpreting a wide variety of research data. The data will include clinical and demographic data from study cohorts in cancer-related research. The data will also include DNA sequencing (exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing), gene expression data (Microarray and RNA-Seq), proteomics, metabolomics etc. The function will also inc… View Details Bookmark

Postdoctoral Scholar (Marsac Lab)

The Marsac Laboratory at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY is seeking a candidate with experience in computational fluid dynamics / finite element analysis, solid state sciences / materials science. The position will focus on the development of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients as solid oral dosage forms. High resolution imaging approaches will be leveraged to charact… View Details Bookmark

UK STAR Fellowship/Trainee


Post-Doctoral Scholar, Biochemistry and Bioinorganic Chemistry

FE00799 8E030:Chemistry
The Department of Chemistry at The University of Kentucky is accepting applications for a postdoctoral researcher. The appointment is for one year with renewal dependent on performance and availability of funding. Responsibilities include independently driving research with minimal supervision towards publication in peer reviewed journals, grant applications, and presentation at scientific meet… View Details Bookmark

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Inorganic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry

FE00798 8E030:Chemistry
The Department of Chemistry at The University of Kentucky is accepting applications for a postdoctoral researcher. The appointment is for one year with renewal dependent on performance and availability of funding. Responsibilities include independently driving research with minimal supervision towards publication in peer reviewed journals, grant applications, and presentation at scientific meet… View Details Bookmark